03 February, 2007

Global Warming

I really do not get it. Growing up, we were warned of the "Coming Ice Age."

Before anyone claims I am some Right-Wing Conservative Nut Job Zombie….I have a couple of statements before I get to the questions I have. (Although I am a Right-Wing Conservative Nut Job….I am not a Zombie…..BRAINS…BRAINS…)


1. I recycle….yes…..it's true….hard to believe a conservative would do such a thing.

2. I support common-sense conservation. If I can buy a light bulb that uses less energy…I am all over it! When convenient….I have used public transportation…GASP!

3. I support Mass-Transit…another GASP! Although…it should be self-supporting….and run by a private company outside of government.

4. I support the implementation of alternative energy sources…triple GASP! Put up all those wind turbines, and sun absorbing appliances…the more the merrier……but PLEASE….encourage..and let private industry do it…again…outside of government. Give us a good, reasonably priced product…and us lowly, uneducated masses are all over it….and yes Teddy K....even if your precious view is affected….they should be allowed to put up the wind powered energy producing devices in your neighborhood.

I could come up with more…but you get the idea…..now…having said all that….here is what pops into my wee little brain when (cough cough….suppressing gag reflex…) Al Gore or others of his ilk say the words "Global Warming"


1. Is the US….the MOST emissions-regulated country in the world…really the biggest polluter of stuff they claim is causing Global Warming?
If the US were to stop ALL activity suspected to be the cause of Global Warming……would that be enough? Would the remaining countries on the globe still spew out enough emissions to negate any positive effect this would have?

I do not really know this answer….my perception is….not even close. I seem to remember years back that anti-pollution activists would complain that mostly the developing countries and countries that did not regulate emissions were the biggest problem.

2. IF….Global Warming is really a result of something we lowly humans have done, what makes us think we can stop or reverse the warming? If we have merely aggravated or sped up some natural process AND we are able to reverse this trend…and start a Global Cooling of some sort…..what makes us think we can stop the cooling process once it has started…..AND who determines what is the "perfect balance" that the temperature needs to be? ….and how do we hold it at the constant "perfect balance?"

OK….all you global scientists out there……enlighten me!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking exactly the same way as you. I once took an "online quiz" to see how "green" I actually am. I scored 80% green AND I'M SO NOT INTO THE ENVIRONMENT! Could it be that not every conservative is evil??

My dh keeps telling me, we can have all the solar/wind power in the world, but where exactly are all those batteries needed to produce the energy going to end up?? That's right, landfills, where they will never degrade.

I followed you over from Jimmy's. I like your blog, I'll stick around! :)