23 January, 2008

Low-carb 1st Anniversary

Well….it has been nearly a full year since I started living a low-carb lifestyle. February 1st is my first anniversary!

God has blessed me so much this year. He has controlled my hunger, cravings, and temptations!

I have not gone “off-plan” this entire year and it seems now that I never will! This is way I choose to eat!

As of today, my weight loss total is 73 pounds! I have been annoyed/upset/depressed lately because I have been stuck on that 73 pounds for some time now. Jimmy Moore’s blogs and podcasts have helped remind me of what I have achieved and to focus on the incredibly positive results so far!

I have refocused and am beginning the Induction Phase of the Atkin’s plan to see if I attain even more loss!

There is a brave young man chronicling his low-carb progress using YouTube videos. His YouTube name is ShrinkingTonyG. Although I did not have as much weight to lose, I can certainly relate to some of the struggles and frustrations he is going through! Please watch his video entries and leave some encouraging comments for him!

For those of you wanting to shed 10 pounds or 200 pounds I highly encourage that you find some type of low-carb solution simply because it works! Read Jimmy’s blogs. The information he has about several low-carb options is fantastic!

God Bless!


I want to pass along a few “new words” that my 4 year old daughter has used in the last year or so. Some are quite interesting, so I think I will have one per blog.


Out of the mouths of babes….

Crocadator : a combination of crocodile and alligator. That one made us laugh out loud when she said it.

Here is a picture of the girl’s I love!


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chad said...

congrats to you burton...you've worked hard and it's paid off!