16 January, 2008

Random TV

Hello again readers!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

In my last blog I mentioned asthma. I was taking a daily steroid inhalant….that simply killed my voice. I do not talk that much….but by the end of the day my voice was simply shot.

At the follow up doctor visit I mentioned it, and he wrote a new prescription for a pill instead of an inhaler. What a huge difference this has made for me!

So far, all is well and I have not had any wheezing of any kind for weeks! Praise God for the miracle of modern medicine!

Where were you on the night of January 16th?
I was blogging away at the church I attend, waiting for AWANAs to end.

I could not think of anything really interesting to blog about so I thought I’d blog about TV…isn’t that SO EXCITING!

I watched most of the first episode of American Idol yesterday…..from Philadelphia! Hey…I’ve been there….seen the Liberty Bell…..sang in a choir at Liberty Square on the 4th of July….ahhh….the memories…..

I think those going to Hollywood were pretty good…some of them were amazing!

The “freak show” contestants were…in a word…excruciating! I think Simon Cowell should do what he can to reduce some of that. I know that is part of the appeal of the entire show, but come on……I wonder how some of those folks even made it past the preliminary auditions to get in front of the real judges.

I missed the second show….since I am here at church…not in front of the TV.

The other show my wife and I like to watch is Prison Break…or as we call it…for no sane reason…Prison Bake.

We have to record this one, and watch after the young’uns go to sleep. As impossible as the show is, it is done very well. We are anxiously waiting for 24! I guess production will begin again when Keifer gets his behind out of jail.

Television viewing in our house is mainly kid friendly stuff. We have a 1 year old, and an almost 4 year old. Disney Channel is the most common channel at our house.

I have seen episodes of Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cory in the House repeatedly...….so many times….but my daughter loves Hannah, and both the girls “dance” to the music…so it’s fun.

I must admit…I laugh out loud a few times watching the insanity that is…..Hannah Montana.

If it’s not the kid friendly channels….it is some kid friendly movie on DVD or VHS that we have seen ad nauseum.

I have to watch The Simpsons online…..during lunch break. Although this is arguably the best and funniest show on TV….it is just not suitable for the young ones. Too much sass mouth and such. Some people think that a lot of the Disney shows have too much sass mouth…..but I digress…

I almost forgot to mention another show we really like, but rarely watch for various reasons…..House.

Our TV seems to be stuck on Fox…ha ha! House is a GREAT show. My wife likes Dr. House’s snarky remarks….the Simon Cowell of doctors…..

We used to really like CSI: La$ Vega$ but have missed so many episodes, we have lost track of it. The Miami version of CSI is so pathetic…..we never even watched that lame show.

Until next time….

God Bless

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