08 May, 2008


This is just a quick update…

After 15 months of living a low carb lifestyle, I am still stuck at 78 pounds lost. The scale goes up 3 pounds, down 2, up 3 more, down 4…back to 212.

I am frustrated a little, but overall I am very happy with the weight loss success so far!

I have been reading about the “poison” called aspartame…and trying to draw some conclusions….some say it’s OK…others say it’s “poison.” I have decided to work on eliminating aspartame from my diet.

I have not totally given up aspartame yet, but I am working on it. My consumption level is DRASTICALLY reduced. I still have a regular Diet Coke now and then…but not 8 cans a day like I used to consume.

Diet Rite with Splenda is very good as well as Diet Coke with Splenda…but sometimes when I want a soda, there is no Splenda option….so….sometimes I have aspartame. I know one day, I will no longer have any, but for now…once in a while…I’ll have it.

I do not feel any different than when I would consume lots and lots of aspartame…so…I am not sure what to make of all the negative claims about it. I guess I will err on the side of caution…and work to stop consumption completely…but for now…take it slow.

My exercise still mainly consists of a 30-45 minute walk 3-5 times a week, and little else…unless you count projects around the house and chasing my daughters around…

Out of the mouths of babes….

Uno, Dos, Tres, Honko, Cinco….she can not say Quatro...


Have a God-filled day!



Anonymous said...

You are totally normal.

Check this out.


Thanks for letting me post.

cleochatra said...

Since giving up the A-word, I can seriously attest that I have feeling in the left side of my face again.

I know that might sound really weird. Who the heck loses feeling in their face? Within days of stopping Aspartame, the numbness was absolutely gone.

I am wondering how extensive the damage is that I may have caused to other parts of my body, but shoot. I'm just glad to not feel as though I've been shot up with Novocaine!

Congratulations to you on your amazing weight loss! Hang in there. I prefer to call those stalls "Mini maintenance periods."