25 August, 2008

Quick Update

About a month ago, I decided to tweak my diet a bit to see if I could bust out of the weight loss stall I was in for long time. I decided to take my daily carb count even lower.

Over the weekend I achieved another pound to reach 208....82 pounds lost!

For "fun" I tried on a pair of size 34 jeans that I have had lying around for "motivation"...and THEY FIT! My wife said they did not look too tight...of course they are tighter than my current size 36....but I could move around in them, and kneel down and such without bursting any seams!
My wife does not like the specific cut of these cheap Costco jeans, so they will probably be labeled as "work around the house" jeans...and I am not quite ready to "commit" to size 34...not that I fear gaining, but I am pretty comfortable in size 36....after another 10 pounds or so gone, maybe size 36 will seem too big, and I will be ready to move down...

This VLC (very-low-carb) seems to work for me.

I currently work 4 10-hour shifts and do find myself hungry some days....but my work schedule limits some of the things I can do. I am not "dying" to eat...and it is nice to actually be hungry once in a while. Some days all I eat is eggs, meat, and diet soda....occasionally I will have cheese...but not regularly, and I eat the 0 carb cheddar or swiss when I do. My snack of choice is pork rinds...to help stave off hunger during the long 10-hour shift...

...some have said that sweeteners, even if artificial, trigger a desire for more sweets for them, but I do not have that reaction...at least not any more.

The longer I follow VLC way of eating, I find it is easier. I can sure tell when I have eaten leaner meats....but sometimes that is all we happen to have come eating time.

What has worked best for me and this 10-hour shift is the following:
This is my ideal menu, and I do not eat this menu every day, but as I progress, I think it will become my basic menu.

2-3 fatty hamburger patties with little or no spices/flavorings (frozen, or fresh...no preference for me.)
I prepare these fresh in the morning, or the previous night and reheat them to simplify the morning routine. I eat these around 6-6:15AM and am not hungry until 11:30 or Noon.
Or...sometimes just a bunch of bacon...I love the stuff.

2-3 fatty hamburger patties...same as breakfast...prepared with the breakfast patties and reheated at work. I sometimes add some butter to add some more fat, and I enjoy the flavor.
I am not usually hungry again until dinnertime, 6-6:30PM.

What ever meat my wife has prepared or some leftover meats from previous meals. Most days it is a simple meal, as my wife works outside the home, and I just "punt" with whatever I find in the fridge. Food is just not a big deal to me any more.

For drinks, I drink water, or diet soda...depending on what strikes my fancy at the time. I drink some diet soda with Splenda, and some with aspartame. I still try and limit aspartame, but have not given it up completely yet.

I have 28 more pounds to go to reach my new goal. I have weighed 180 in my early 20s, but do not remember much about it...it was short-lived...so...we shall see.

God Bless



Teresa said...

how much have you lost over this last month since going 0 carb?

chad said...

seriously, seriously awesome!

Ab Normal said...

hi Teresa...thanks for commenting.
I had regained about 10 pounds simply eating low carb...I was eating too many low carb items...nuts and such.
so I have lost 12 pounds since going 0 carb...