16 October, 2008



8 Letters…change two letters…and save a life!

It recently struck me at just how close these two words are…alphabetically…

It struck me odd that these could be so close alphabetically, and yet polar opposites in definition.

One represents death.

One represents life.

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Bee said...

Hi, not sure how I came upon your blog, just surfing from here to there I guess. Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment beneath this post.

A little over two decades ago, I was raped. I got pregnant. I had the baby, a daughter, and gave her up for adoption. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

I thought about her every day, always wondered where she was, if she was okay, if she was happy. The very day she became an adult, she found me through the adoption agency.

A few months ago, she called me and asked if she could live with me and my family for a little while, to get to know us. So she's here, and I am so happy. I'm grateful that I made the right choice in a difficult situation. I couldn't imagine all of this joy so many years ago.